Telling stories Of Heritage

Product Development, Speculative Future


In the current consumer and fashion market artisan and enterprises such as Somaiya Kala Vidhya have to constantly evaluate: How to retain identity and adapt to the market?

This was a capacity building workshop to help artisans create an identity and adapt to the new urban markets.

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Before formulating the workshop, a lot of secondary research was conducted to identify the gaps within the market. We evaluated how entreprises such as FabIndia, Bandhej etc. connect the consumers, artisans and artifacts. A SWOT analysis of the artisans resources also gave us an insight into their needs and most importantly their strengths.

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A 15 days intense workshop on merchandising. A process that started with each individual artisans writing, editing and narrating stories of their lineage - the ‘kala’ they have inherited for generations, resulted in many outcomes. Storefront design, lookbook catalogue for procurement heads, pitching exercises to clients, branding and establishing themselves as a ‘brand’.

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