News in the Information Age

Product Development


Sokasu is a news app for the the information age, an era in which we have the means to be better informed about everything that is of interest and importance to the world. Today we have the ability to create our own bubble of news. We follow tags and people so that our social media can tell us what we want to hear from those whom we wish to hear it from. Gone are those days when headlines intrigued you by printing about issues you knew nothing about.

In this scenario - how should we form our opinions about world issues? Where should we getting our news from?

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We started developing Sokasu based on one question - How do we form opinions about current affairs today? Through this, our mission became to push boundaries of what is “news” and how users can form better opinions. With machine learning experts we began building algorithm that balances trending news and user interests. The focus was on quality content and higher frequency of publishing quality news.

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An app that delivered quality content, trending news and opinions your friends had about world issues across your social media platform. Helping you form opinions effortlessly.

Filtering to a subset of molecules