Bringing Home to Third Culture Kids

Adapting Tech, Ethnography


Third Culture Kids, or Global Nomads are young people who come from two different cultures, and are brought up in a third culture.They never settle in one place and identify with multiple cultures at a time. They are impermanent residents of nowhere. This project, through wearable tech, tries to create meaningful memories of home (something is is every so transient).

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The project started by reaching out to focus groups. Young adults who had lived in more than 3 countries for a duration of least 4 years. The research focused around asking each individual within the focus group to define “home” from their experience and submit a photo of one object, place or person that they associate with their identity.

Filtering to a subset of molecules


Most individuals reminisced about home, or felt at home through familiar sounds,taste or smell. Sounds played an important role in evoking memories of events and home. So, we designed a wearable device that can be used to record and play sounds.

Filtering to a subset of molecules